Our 'Sofa' category features comfortable and stylish couches, essential pieces for your home or office. Designed in various styles and sizes, our sofas add character and comfort to your living spaces or work areas. Whether you prefer modern, classic, minimalist, or retro styles, we offer options to suit every taste. Crafted from premium quality materials, our sofas meet the highest standards of durability and comfort. Redefine your living spaces with Houseella's elegant and functional sofa collection.

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Donovan Sofa 3 Pr Grey

$0.00 Introducing the Donovan Sofa 3-seater, where comfort meets sleek style seamlessly. This sofa boasts ..

Eva Sofa 2 Pr Grey

$0.00 Eva Sofa 2-Seater is a stylish addition to any living space. Featuring wooden legs and crafted from ..

Felix Sofa 3 Pr Turquoise

$0.00 Felix Sofa adds warmth and comfort to your living space with its modern and elegant design. Crafted ..

Franz Sofa 2 Pr Cream

$0.00 Franz Sofa 2PR stands out with its elegant design. Featuring wooden legs and linen fabric, it brings..

Liva Sofa 3 Pr Grey

$0.00 The Liva 3-seater sofa combines superior comfort and elegance. Its soft cushions and ergonomic desig..